About us

About Feelerz

Feelerz b.v. is a company based in the Netherlands, founded to help customers choose safe and sustainable organisations. Feelerz supports these organisations to grow sustainably. The use of Feelerz is and remains free of charge. In addition, Feelerz may offer paid services.

Feelerz strives for global coverage so that everyone at home or when travelling is well informed.


Feelerz is founded by dr. Tim Willems. Together with him, the Feelerz team has come together to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus and thus reduce the economic and social impact of corona.

CEO Tim Willems is investing in the development and global roll out of this app in order to contribute to a more secure and, in the long run, sustainable economy.


Has an enormous impact on the world and long-term consequences for the economy. In order to minimise these consequences, the economy needs to get back on track quickly. However, the economy can only grow sustainably if we care about each other’s safety. Irresponsible growth or a new wave of Corona infections will slow everything down again. So let us all stick out our feelers and create a safe and sustainable society together.

Everyone is involved

Stick out your feelers and see which organization is safe to visit. Then provide feedback on the safety and sustainability of these organizations so that others can also benefit. In this way, the organisations can also see where there are opportunities for improvement. We build on the attentiveness and feedback of all visitors. Let yourself be heard!

Why now?

Because right now there is a need for a better way to get the economy back on track. Now it’s time to look at safety and sustainability together.
In addition, we offer organisations the opportunity to provide clarity about their policy by answering a number of specific questions. We’ll look at corona safety first, but we’ll go further. Let’s use this terrible pandemic to change the world for the better.