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Feelerz is a free web application that helps you to do business quickly and sustainably during and after Covid19. Hundreds of thousands of organisations have already been included worldwide.
It is possible that your organization is already included in Feelerz. Claim your organization via and quickly let your customers know that they are welcome and safe.

If your organization is not yet listed in Feelerz, please contact us via or go to the app and select your organization on the map. Then you can immediately indicate that your organization should also be included in Feelerz.

Feelerz is a free web application that will help you to quickly and sustainably do business again during and after Covid19. Hundreds of thousands of organizations are already included world wide.
Claim your organization via and let your customers know that they are welcome and safe in your organization. If you cannot find your business you can also contact us via

Start your organization again after the Covid 19 pandemic

Covid19 has an enormous impact on the world and long-term consequences for the economy. In order to minimize these consequences, the economy needs to get back on track quickly. However, the economy can only grow sustainably if we care about each other’s safety. A new wave of Covid19 infections will slow everything down again. So let’s all stick out our feelers and create a safe and sustainable society together.

What is Feelerz?

Feelerz is a free web application that helps to do business safely during Covid19. Hundreds of thousands of organizations have already been included.

What does Feelerz do?

Visitors use to stick out their feelers to see if organizations have taken the right measures to ensure safety. This applies to all types of organizations, shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, etcetera. In this way, the visitor can make a well-considered decision and have a carefree and safe visit, and the economy gets back on its feet safely.

Organizations can fill in their Feelerz template to provide relevant information to potential visitors. The information is automatically published on the Feelerz website. In this way, organizations give their visitors a welcome feeling by showing that they have taken all Covid measures to be able to do business safely and sustainably.

Visitors can first scan the organizations and select the ones they feel safe with. Visitors can take their social responsibility and give feedback on their experience. In this way we work together to help organizations and visitors to stay safe so that our economy can grow sustainably again.

Organizations get a score based on the information they provide and the feedback from the visitors so that other visitors can quickly decide which organization is safe to go to.

What are the advantages for your organization:

Save time and money. It’s free and you don’t have to modify your website. Just go to and claim your organization and fill in your form. The form will guide you; it will only take a few minutes.

Show that you are open to doing business again and that your visitors have a safe and pleasant experience. Get new visitors, work safely and let the economy grow again!

Free of charge?

Yes free, we place ads to pay for everything. Maybe one day we will allow visitors to make a reservation.

I want to get started

Your organization is already in Feelerz. Then you can claim your organization and get started. If your organization is not yet in Feelerz, just apply for a registration and you can start providing the relevant information for you and your visitors to get your organization up and running again!

Is Feelerz worldwide

Yes, of course. is worldwide. We’ve already included hundreds of thousands of organizations from different countries and are scaling up worldwide.

Together we keep the world safe, use your feelerz